Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Roundup: Child-snatching Eagle Hoax and Targeting Turtles in the Road

Conserving Georgia's state reptile, the Gopher Tortoise, requires cooperation between state and federal biologists and private landowners.

An excellent summary of some recent research suggesting that the largemouth bass that are best at protecting their nests and young are the ones most likely to be hooked by fishers. This means that their offspring are less likely to survive. Assuming that the parenting behavior is influenced by genetics, each generation of largemouth bass will be poorer parents-and that means less bass will survive to adulthood.

What the distribution of lion populations in Africa means for the future of the species.

The plight facing Madagascar tortoises and some of the efforts to save them.

White tigers aren't an endangered species; they represent a genetic mutation encouraged by zoos to increase visitors and money. A discussion of why we need to stop encouraging them.

Several readers have sent me a link to this story from Clemson University, that describes a student's discovery that a fake turtle in the road will attract many cars (thanks to M.G. and A.J. for the story).

More on the Nile Crocodile roaming Florida.

Jamaica is more than sandy beaches, it is the sole habitat of the Jamaican Iguana. Learn how you can help this highly endangered species.

Encouraging news from the Bronx Zoo in their efforts to breed Chinese Yellow-headed Box Turtles. The ultimate goal is to ensure the persistence of wild populations.

The above video, that apparently shows a Golden Eagle attacking a small child, has been viewed over 40 million times (as of December 28th, 2012). How many people viewing know it's a hoax? Students at Centre NAD (a technology school in Montreal) deals a considerable setback to public perception of raptors and their conservation.

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