Saturday, April 27, 2013

Readers Write In: What is This Snake in My Laundry Room (International Edition)?

Dear Readers:

Word of your snake-identification skills has been traveling far and wide and across the globe. This week we hear from Dan in Mexico.

"Hello David,

I was wondering if you could identify this young snake for me, which I found it in my laundry room a year or so ago.  I live in Cuernavaca, Mexico (central, almost south Mexico), about an hour south of Mexico City.  Semi-tropical, and elevation is about 5000 ft.  I assume it's a rat snake or corn snake, but was curious to see if you could confirm.

Dan D."

We can rule out Cornsnake (Pantherophis guttatus) and I'll give bonus points to anyone who can point out the two primary reasons we can confidently do so. As far as whether this animal is a ratsnake, that is certainly an intriguing guess. Readers, please identify this snake for Dan (a lot more pictures are available here). I'm hoping to hear from more of you than last time.

Experts: show off your skills.

Amateurs: Help the experts figure out why some people have trouble identifying this animal 

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