Monday, May 6, 2013

Readers Write In: A Snake in my Garage I Cannot Identify


I happened upon a snake in my garage that I cannot identify… it was a large snake in the 10’ to 12’ range, gold and brown on the back with a diamond pattern and it had a black head that looked like a king snake or rat snake?  I live just north of Montgomery Alabama and I cannot find it anywhere online.

(Tommy attached several photographs he found online but I am not posting them here because I don't have the permissions) Very similar to this…But the pattern is wrong, the colors are very close...This looks more like the pattern but the colors are wrong…This is really close but the gold was brighter…

But it had the head of a king or rat snake… I know the first pic is a snake from Australia, and the bottom is a desert king snake… so I am scratching my head… I did not have a camera so I ran into the house to get one but when I returned he was gone.  One more thing when I got close to him he did that hold-his-body-in-a-"S"-pattern like rat snakes do.

Please help it is driving me nuts!   

Tommy B
Montgomery, Alabama"

I think Tommy revealed enough information to confidently tell him what species of snake had been hiding out in his garage. Prove me right. Guesses welcome.

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