Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Roundup: This Week's Wildlife Links (August 9th, 2013)

David Quammen describes the perilous and short lives of male lions on the Serengeti.

How to send the message to a restaurant that we are interested in knowing about where their seafood came from.

Now, how do you tie a fly that look like rodents? Voles eaten by trout in Idaho.

What is this strange fish caught in north Alabama?

Controversial techniques to breed the Sumatran Rhino. When there are only a couple left, people get desperate.

Don't ask what they do with orphan deer fawns in Vermont.

Wildlife road crossings in Montana.

Is it still research if you don't generate research findings? Controversy about long-term bear "research" project in Minnesota.

What are we missing when we think of the wildlife in North America today?

New species of shrew discovered. Is very strong.

There are lots of lobsters off of Maine now. That's good, right? Well, now they are also eating each other.

Speaking of Maine, they are making great advances in river restoration AKA blowing up dams.

Ever wonder what's in owl pellets?

The increasing popularity of cashmere is threatening snow leopards.

I'm quoted in this turtle article in National Geographic speaking about something I'm apparently an expert on: why golfers golf. Did I get it right?

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