Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Roundup: This Week's Wildlife Links (September 13th 2013)

Last week marked 50 years since the Eskimo Curlew was last seen alive. A tribute. On that note, last week was a similar anniversary for the Tasmanian Tiger and a vindication that came too late. And, because we're on a roll, more vindication for another Australian predator: the Dingo.

Don't call it a comeback. The forests of New England are returning.

A couple weeks ago I highlighted a rodent-eating trout. Now here's the sequel: this trout likes shrews.

First Nations groups in British Columbia do not want their grizzly bears hunted.

Incredible sequence of photographs showing a jaguar hunting a caiman.

Why do the Bobcats showing up on these camera trap pictures have mange? An investigation (with awesome photos) from nature of a man.

Speaking of camera traps, check out this 18-point buck.

Snakes that live in the sea and the creatures that live on them, by Andrew Durso.

Alabama bans the rescue and rehabilitation of some wildlife.

Great read: the swordfish with a nose ring, a tale of ocean garbage and ocean giants. Following that theme: keep your discarded monofilament fishing line out of the water.

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