Friday, September 27, 2013

This Week's Wildlife Links (September 27th 2013)

The five biggest myths about the Endangered Species Act.

Indigo Snake habitat to be developed because the Endangered Species Act doesn't work like you probably think it does (see above).

Viper collectors nearly caused a Turkish species to go extinct, now a U.S. zoo is helping.

Turns out Muskoxen aren't that stationary after all.

Mississippi hunter claims to have killed chupacabra. The evidence is not sufficient to convince him otherwise.

Mental Floss presents a list of 11 "really weird" snakes. Should read "really incredible".

The spy who loved frogs.

Engineers work to conserve species in the Lower Mississippi.

How to attract 80 Polar Bears: leave a whale carcass to rot.

Animal Planet reptile "expert" charged with illegally selling incredibly rare lizards

The secrets of the sea are being revealed in whale earwax.

How are cats and coyotes interacting in the suburbs?

Awesome live cam of...well, a river. But hopefully there are some Grizzlies fishing for salmon around when you click on it.

Video of thousands of baby octopi dispersing from their mother and into the ocean.

An Australian lizard is about to go extinct. Can we learn any lessons?

Hope for a Black-footed Ferret reintroduction in Montana.

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