Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Readers Write In: A Tennessee Mystery Snake on the Porch

Found on my mothers deck...She lives directly on the Buffalo River in Hohenwald Tn. We are trying to decipher if this is non-venomous water snake or a venomous cottonmouth . If you could help us that would awesome. 

Thank You, 

Toni H.
Hohenwald, Tennessee

    Okay readers, is this a non-venomous watersnake? A venomous Cottonmouth? Or, is it perhaps something else altogether?

    Remember, when you're telling Toni what kind of snake this is, explaining how you identified the animal is much more useful than just naming the species. Guesses are welcome, as always, and are helpful for working through the process of snake identification. So, don't feel shy if you're not positive about your answer.

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