Monday, October 14, 2013

Readers Write In: What is this Mysterious Camera Trap Mammal?

Hey Dave,

I've been enjoying the blogs very much and thought I might 
throw this one out there to you and possibly your readers. A buddy of mine contacted me a couple of weeks ago wanting to know if I could identify the mystery animal in the picture taken from his game cam here in N. Alabama. There is also a picture of a young buck to give some size reference. There were many things that made me start scratching my head so I sent the pics to several of my colleagues including a few wildlife biologists and hunters from the area who are probably more used to game pic photos than myself. It was interesting to find the number of different answers I was getting, even among biologists. Pictures like these can get some crazy stories going (Chupacabra was a guess someone had thrown out there). Though I know this is a little different from the snake id questions we all enjoy, and I think we know what the mystery animal is, I thought it might be something you would like to take a stab at..

Andrew C.

Alright you lurking mammal and camera trap fans, here's your chance to shine. Can you identify the creature in the second picture? Guesses are welcome. The citizens of northern Alabama want to know what's crawling around their woods, even (especially?) if the answer is Chupacabra.

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