Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Readers Write In: What Are These Pennsylvania Snakes?


    Found this (top picture) in my back yard. I know it's non-venomous but what is it? I live in southern Chester County, Pennsylvania. My wife gets mad cause I catch the snakes around the house and put them back out in the field. She wants me to kill them. She is scared to death that they are going to climb through the heater vents or the dryer vents and get into the house. I explained it's impossible. Need you to back me up on that...

    Finally found the other picture (bottom picture) I wanted to send you. This picture was taken at our shop in West Grove, Pennsylvania sometime in August of 2010. Please tell me what kind of snake this is. We removed the snake from this shop and let it go in our wood shop where he could come and go as he pleased. 

Thanks a lot,


    Readers, can you help John out with this Pennsylvania two-fer?

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