Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Roundup: The Week's Wildlife Links (January 9th, 2015)

Protected marine areas off-limits to some fishing in New England have helped save what is left in the area. But these areas are under threat. On that note, where have all the Cod gone?

Breeding Bluefin Tuna now protected in the Gulf of Mexico. Despite their imperiled status, some chefs just can't quit offering them.

For the first time since the 1830s, there are wild Bison east of the Mississippi.

This Florida rancher turned down $300 million from a developer so his land could be conserved in a natural state.

India lost 64 tigers in 2014. Florida lost 33 panthers.

But, cougars could return to the Northeast.

Leopards were driven out of this region of India, but now antelope are eating too many crops and farmers want the cats back.

For many years, leopards in Iran and Iraq have been protected by something surprising: land mines.

A history of Electric Eel research: there were a lot of shocks involved.

21 Black-footed Ferrets were released on Montana wildlife refuge in November. Only one remains.

There is likely an undescribed species of primate in Brazil. It is under threat.

Killer Whales in Puget Sound are protected by the Endangered Species Act, but they are still declining.

On Christmas day on 1859, a few folks in Australia released 24 rabbits. They created an ecological disaster.

More on the tragic oil spill in the Sundarbans: otters and dolphins.

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