Sunday, April 17, 2016

Readers Write In: This 12-year old found a Cottonmouth in the yard, you'll never guess what her dad did next.

Sometimes I get e-mails that are such a nice change of pace I just decide to include them as blog posts (another example here).

My 12 year old daughter was in the back yard when I called her to come in. I didn't see any critters but her at first. Then I looked away for a second. Suddenly she yelled "Snake! Snake! When I looked back I saw this little guy as my daughter blazed passed me like a rocket to get away.

Turns out it was a cotton mouth!

I used the broom to remind him which way to leave.

He wiggled his tail and showed me his fangs then continued peacefully on his way.

Our back yard is a popular place for snakes.

We had a Florida ring neck we named Mr. Wiggles.

We have a black racer we named Mr. Black. He lives in the bushes and sometimes the garage.

Now this guy. We named him Rex. I hope he stays in the woods out back.


Christophor M.

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