Ask a Wildlife Biologist

I am happy to answer your wildlife questions, whether you want to know the identity of an animal, whether a wildlife myth you heard is true, or about anything else that comes up.  Please provide your general location and any other information you think is relevant, this will help me identify mysterious animals. If your question relates to a particular blog post, feel free to leave it in the comments thread, otherwise (such as snake identification requests), e-mail me. Please also forward along any e-mail forwards you feel may contain questionable information. I can be reached by e-mail here. I might be interested in writing a blog post about your question; if I do so please be aware that I may use your first name, last initial, general location, the text of your e-mail and any attached photographs. If you do not want me to include any of this information, please mention that in your initial message. I will never publish your e-mail address.

 Students: I will assist you in finding answers to specific questions but will not respond to vague requests. Please also view this open letter to science students and teachers.