Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Needles in Haystacks

They're out there.

No matter how many shady retreats you cautiously pace around,

and hear nothing.

No matter how many stumphole tunnels you peer inside,

but see nothing.

No matter how many tasty morsels you stumble across,


Or animal burrows you find,


No matter how many fallen trees you crawl underneath and struggle to see inside,

to no avail.

Or ambush sites you find,


Keep looking. Because sometimes it all pays off,

and you get lucky

They're out there.


Carol said...

I dont go Rattlesnake hunting, but I do have a Black Racer, a Yellow Rat, Red Rat and black Rat snake living in and around the yard. That's enough for me. The yellow Rat was sunning on the porch railing and a squirrel was trying to run it off.


David Steen said...

Thanks Carol. I don't think that squirrel behavior is sustainable, maybe until the rat snake gets larger. That's interesting that you have yellow and black rats in the same area. Depending on who you ask, they're considered different subspecies (of the same species), which don't typically occur in the same area. Neat.


Paul Hurtado said...

Nice post Dave - love it! :)

David Steen said...

Thanks Paul. If I was up by you I'd be scouring rock cliffs for timber rattlesnakes instead of holes and tunnels for diamondbacks.

Charles said...

I live to far north for most rattlesnakes, but we do have the eastern massassuaga ( sp? ) living in my area.

David Steen said...

Those are beautiful snakes, I lived near a population when I was in upstate NY, but I was never lucky enough to find one.

Charles said...

I've only seen them in captivity.