Thursday, November 12, 2009

A 55 foot boa in China?

Check out what is now being claimed as a 55 foot boa from China.

It should be noted that Chinese officials are claiming this photo is clearly a hoax, as boas are not native to Asia. Well, they're right...kind of. It's true that boas do not typically occur in Asia, they are limited to North and South America (with some exceptions), while pythons are found in Africa, Asia, and Australia. But the thing is...that's not a boa in the picture, it is a python. You can tell by its distinctive patterning.

Boas and pythons differ in other ways too. Boas give birth to live young while pythons lay eggs. Also, pythons have heat sensing pits in their face and boas do not.

So, why is it a hoax? Because no snakes alive today get that large. Even the giant reticulated pythons and green anacondas, our planet's biggest snakes, struggle to reach 30 feet.

Why does it look so huge? Well, if you've already read this post, you know exactly why.


Shawn said...

Hmmm... It could be a Reticulated or Rock Python. Since the image is not very clear, that's all I can say... Here in Singapore I've spotted wild reticulated pythons before. I'm a young snake-lover like you, David.

David Steen said...

Thanks for your help identifying the snake. Neat to hear that you've wild reticulated pythons. I'm hoping to find some Burmese pythons soon, but I need only go to the Florida Everglades for that.

Anonymous said...

So, why is it a hoax? Because no snakes alive today get that large

David Steen said...

Do you prefer, "No species of snake that currently exists can possibly reach a length of 55 feet" ?

Taurean said...

Pink shirts is a dead give away that that thing isn't so dangerous.