Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Make Turtle Research Happen

Most of what you read about here in this blog is based on scientific research. But, that research doesn't happen for free. Researchers must often jump through lots of hoops to get funding for their proposed work and often funding agencies say they're not interested or simply don't have the money. The #SciFund Challenge and Rocket Hub partnered together in response to these obstacles, their goal is to generate a new way of funding studies: soliciting funds from the general public. That's where you come in.  Check out the video below by Living Alongside Wildlife guest blogger, Sean Sterrett, and consider viewing his Rocket Hub page to help fund his research on the roles freshwater turtles play in the environment. What do you think of his proposed study, did you contribute? Let us know below.

Convinced? Help Fund Sean's Research by Following This Link.

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