Sunday, September 23, 2012

Readers Write In: What Is This Snake In My Kitchen?


I am an Auburn faculty and yesterday night I found a small snake (about a foot long and a quarter to half inch thick) inside the kitchen of my home. I tried to capture it unharmed but because it was too quick even on the slippery vinyl floor of the kitchen and as the only implement I had at hand was a long-snouted pair of scissors, I had to catch it with the scissors which caused a wound. I have it in a bottle, and it is still alive, but not sure whether at this point it would be merciful to kill it or let it back into the wild. Also, I have no idea if it is venomous or not. I don’t feel good about injuring it and am emailing you to ask what the best course of action is now. 

Thanks for any help/advice you can provide.

Auburn, AL"

  This is an unfortunate situation for everyone involved, but mostly for the baby snake, dangerous only to small frogs and fish. When informed of the species, HN told me that the next time an unwelcome serpent appears he will remove the snake in a way that is safer for the animal. Although I recommended releasing his guest, assuming that the wound wasn't too severe (reptiles are tough animals), HN was sad to report that the snake had died since his initial e-mail.

  What did HN find in this kitchen? How can you tell?

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