Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Readers Write In: Is This a Juvenile Ratsnake?

It's been a long and cold winter but there are some tell-tale signs that spring is coming: e-mails from readers requesting snake identifications. I expect more to come as snakes emerge from their winter refuges to warm themselves in the sun.

Found on porch of our new home. Definitely had kinked posture.  My 3 year old son tried to pick up and he promptly left. We live in a subdivision in sc, there are wetlands behind our home and we just moved in after long negotiations with bank on the shortsale and the house had been vacant.  We had to get rid of roof rats that had made it into the attic of the home, so I am not at all surprised that there are rat snakes. Thanks for your help and reassurance, my 6 year old daughter is quite thrilled to live where there is a home suitable for snakes.

Chris M.
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Readers, you know what to do. Please identify this snake (guesses welcome) and tell us how you came to your conclusion. Bonus points for explaining how the color and patterning of some snakes change as the snake ages.

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