Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Roundup: This Week's Wildlife Links (May 10th, 2013)

In the last few weeks there has been a story circulating about an Alabama man who was bitten by a Timber Rattlesnake, used his venom extractor kit, and then headed to the hospital. In the e-mail about the story that has gone viral, the man who was bitten by the snake said his medical doctor told him that based on the size of the bite mark he would have died if he had not used the kit. That's about as bogus a statement as they come-the world's largest rattlesnake could bite you yet not inject any venom at all. An excellent summary of what we know about snake bite prevention and treatment is here.

From the Wildlife Society News: the incredible cascading effects of growing marijuana in the wild. Chemicals used to control rodents are killing Fishers (the weasel-like creature, not anglers) and the cooperative efforts to conserve and restore Hellbender populations and habitats.

Think you have to worry about being killed by a shark? It's an unfair fight.

I'm not so sure about the accuracy of the title and captions here, but in any case there are beautiful photographs of bees interacting with turtles.

A mass emergence of cicadas is expected around New York City...have they missed anything in the 17 years they've been underground? If you're overwhelmed by all the insects, here are some recipes.

Finding rare animals dead on the road help increase our understanding of them know...they're dead.

How partnerships among public and private organizations cooperate to restore the Bison to North America and, a taxidermist's role in saving them, kind of.

Maybe Goliath Groupers are actually helping the Spiny Lobster fishery, not harming it.

Houston Toad recovery in Texas. Don't get too confident.

Innovative methods to co-exist with beavers and their effects on the landscape.

One-third of U.S. Honeybee colonies died last winter.

Dumb: don't use live rattlesnakes in pranks.

Wisconsin readers: does this picture of a "massasauga" look right to you? Oops, too late...looks like they already took it down. Speaking of mistaken identity-Milk Snake mistaken for one of the 29 Timber Rattlesnakes remaining in all of New Hampshire.

Series of articles highlighting wildlife of Warren County, New Jersey: Bog Turtle and Timber Rattlesnake.

Finally, have you provided your answers for this week's snake identification requests here and here?

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