Friday, June 14, 2013

Readers Write In: What is this Snake in my Pool Skimmer?

i FOUND THIS LITTLE GUY IN MY POOL SKIMMER A FEW DAYS AGO.  sorry about the Caps.  got stuck. We live in Auburndale, FL and a bull frog and this 6 or 7 inch snake were in my skimmer when I checked it. He seems to be more a very dark grey than black and his head is hard to distinguish from his tail.  Both seem blunt, but the jaw and mouth can be seen on very close inspection and the tail seems to have just a very slight point that the very finish of it.  He isn't the diameter of a pencil, but perhaps twice the size of pencil lead. I don't think he is a racer as they are more sleek from what I have seen. I thought I identified a roughened earth snake on the lawn once, but the color was a browner. He doesn't seem aggressive, just wants to leave, but when I let him go he started to follow me... of sorts.

Appreciate whatever thoughts you might have.

Thank you!
George D.
Auburndale, FL

   First off, kudos to George for recognizing that this is a snake. Although this animal can now be found throughout Florida and is probably encountered relatively frequently, I think that most people mistake it for a worm. Second, this is an exciting snake to identify because this is the first time it has appeared on this blog.

  So, I leave it to you, loyal readers, to help George out: what is this snake?

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