Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Readers Write In: What is This Snake in my Pool...Again?!

Dr. Steen,

I have another one for you. Funny, looking back at my last snake identification question, it is one week shy of exactly one year.

Anyway, we found this one in our pool yesterday. I was unable to get pics of it underside, but I do have two pics that I hope will be enough.

The snake was found in Shelby County, just off Hwy 119 and 280, near Lake Purdy. It measures @14" long and it was slightly larger around than a pencil.

Tim N.
Shelby Co., Alabama

    Look, I lived in Alabama for years. August is hot. Can we blame snakes for being regular visitors in Tim's pool?

    But, what is this snake? Readers, you know what to do, guesses are welcome and encouraged:

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