Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Roundup: This Week's Wildlife Links (October 11th 2013)

"Out of nowhere the bat just flew directly into the mouth of the toad..."

How the decline of the Tasmanian Devil is good news for feral cats.

A couple weeks ago I highlighted some spectacular pictures of a Jaguar hunting a Caiman. Now there's video. Not a good week for these crocodilians: how pesticides from banana farms may be harming Caimans.

How a fondness for Raccoons unleashed the animal throughout Japan.

You are no longer allowed to wear animal print clothes when you visit this UK zoo. It bothers the animals. An added bonus: no tourists will accidentally be tranquilized by zookeepers.

European wildlife is making a comeback.

Visit Norway, try the whale?

A great summary of the conservation issues faced by Caribou in Jasper National Park (as well as by the residents of the area). In two parts: 1 and 2. Very interesting to think about how Gray Wolves will use the paths made by skiers to prey on Caribou they couldn't get to before.

You're probably about as likely to be killed by your friend while s/he is killing a snake than be killed by the snake itself.

Surveying the wildlife of New York's Central Park.

Alligator Gar conservation in Illinois.

An in-depth consideration (and discussion of some misconceptions) of deer-vehicle collisions and your safety.

Everything you ever wanted to know about salamander diversity.

How recordings of tigers growling can keep elephants from raiding farms.

Hard to think about this one: huge American Alligator harvested outside of Florida nature preserve should not have been killed.

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