Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Readers Write In: Harvard Horribly Hindered-Have Herpetology Hints?

Hi Brian!

I was wondering if you could identify the snake in the attached picture? It was in Miami, on the FIU campus where I worked a bit with [a colleague] this summer. It couldn’t have been longer than 12 inches.

Thanks a lot!


Cambridge, MA

    Today we have a special identification request, coming from my friend Ambika Kamath. While working in the Miami, Florida area, Ambika and a friend took the photograph below of a mystery snake eating an equally mysterious lizard.

    I say that this is a special identification request for two reasons. First, this is unique because Ambika is asking for help identifying not one but two species! I believe this is the first request on this blog where we need to identify multiple species: which species of snake and lizard are we dealing with here? Second, this request is special because it is not every day that the readers of L.A.W. are asked for help from a researcher from Harvard University.

    So, let’s see if we can help the Harvard gang out by identifying this snake and lizard. Some of you might quickly guess/identify the snake but we’ll give the Alpha Herper Award to whoever can pin down the identity of the lizard!

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