Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Roundup: This Week's Wildlife Links (November 29th, 2013)

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Okay, onto this week's links:

Plastic debris and its effects on seabirds (Monday's guest post by Dr. Alex Bond).

The truth about snakebite: a breakdown of actual risk and bite outcomes.

You may remember that a few months ago I linked to an article about a Grizzly that killed and ate a Black Bear in Alberta. He is up to his old (but different) tricks again. With video.

Want some more bear cam? Check out these Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba.

The world's most skillful predator: a newt?

Zelda, the wild Turkey of Battery Park in New York City.

Illinois blows their chance to study Mountain Lions dispersing into the state.

Bonobos, seemingly secure in their remote jungles, are not so secure. Not far away, the Okapi is now endangered.

Notorious wildlife smuggler, the Lizard King, is at it again.

Learning to like the snake in the cellar.

Wind turbines kill more than 600,000 bats each year.

There has been a lot of talk lately about how demand for shark fin soup in China has plummeted. These reports might have been a little optimistic.

You may recall the former Animal Planet host that pled guilty to illegally selling critically rare lizards. He recently stated that he agrees with the rest of us: That was a stupid thing to do.

On a safari for exotic lizards in Los Angeles.

Did I miss an interesting wildlife link from this week? Provide it below

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