Sunday, February 23, 2014

Friday Roundup: This Week's Wildlife Links (February 21st, 2014)

Drugs, Death, Neglect: Behind the Scenes at Animal Planet.

How industry-driven changes to the landscape affect Wolverines.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation plans to kill every swan in the state. They're after pigs too, from helicopters.

Conspiracy alert: Coyotes being released around the East Coast to reduce the deer population.

Where do birds sleep? Not in their nest.

Gray Seals can kill and eat Harbor Porpoises.

Crocodile keeps bird-watchers from seeing rare bird in Australia. They'd probably rather take their chances.

Setting up disease-free zones for the Tasmanian Devil.

Man kills venomous snake. Gets bitten by it 45 minutes later.

You should also be careful of falling porcupines.

Want to know if your building in NYC has rats?

In addition to rats, what mammals should New Yorkers expect to recolonize NYC over the next 5-100 years?

A Snowy Owl set up shop in downtown Washington DC recently. Then, it got hit by a bus.

Speaking of Snowy Owls, what does it mean to see so many in the States this year? Must read.

Recently there were a few articles about how recent searches in Mexico have failed to document any Axolotls. It wasn't long before additional articles started making the case that they were extinct in the wild. Or simply stating so in their headlines. Axolotls aren't extinct, but they're still critically endangered.

Another story that got a lot of press is the alarming decline of the Monarch Butterfly. It's pretty bad, with many theories why.

Been hearing a lot about Putin's leopard conservation efforts? Here's why we should be skeptical. More on the conservation of the Sochi Olympics mascot here, including their real prospects for recovery.

Speaking of leopards, first ever pictures of a successful Snow Leopard kill as it happened. Why conserving Snow Leopards preserves more than just animals.

Only four Northern White Rhinos remain.

Crocodiles are making a comeback in Florida. Now they need more people to help deal with them. Jobs! On that note, a new species of crocodile from West Africa has just been described. That's too much good croc news: here's some fear mongering.

Blurred lines between wildlife photographer and his seal subject, but pretty incredible footage.

What was the first invasive snake?

How farmers can help bring back the insect pollinators they need.

Whale Shark slaughterhouse exposed in China.

Conservation efforts are of no use when house cats are around to erase any progress.

What to do when stranded whales need to be euthanized?

First high-res photo of Bay Cat in Borneo.

An elephant photobomb.

In case you missed it, Western Australia began to catch and kill sharks because they think this will reduce danger to swimmers (no evidence for that, but here are some other options). It's worth considering how Mexico is making moves to conserve sharks while Australia kills them. I was amused to see that some reporter from the Australian Associated Press took something I tweeted about this policy and inserted it into their article while turning it into a quote; the quote then appeared in articles about the cull throughout Australia. For fun, check out this video explaining the "merits" of the policy. 

Did I miss something interesting? Let me know below.

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