Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Roundup: This Week's Wildlife Links (February 28th, 2014)

There are whales around today that were alive before Moby Dick was written.

New species of fish discovered in remote Amazonian river. Just kidding, it lives in Idaho and Montana.

The Labrador Duck went extinct in North America. Or did it? Maybe what we have been calling Labrador Ducks were actually just hybrids between two different species.

The Oregon Chub becomes first fish species to recover enough to take off the Endangered Species Act.

Huge Chimpanzee population discovered in remote Congo forest.

Washington locals don't want nature (beavers) in their parks.

Big fish stories are getting smaller and smaller.

Cattle ranchers out west that like wildlife might protect springs and seeps from cows. Here's a series of pictures of the animals that might visit.

Troubling number of Grizzlies killed in Alberta in 2013.

Moose falls in ditch in Newfoundland. Rescued. Doesn't like carrots.

Finally spotting the white winter weasel.

Hungry Polar Bears are looking for food and finding bird nest colonies.

Buddhist ritual gets ecologically correct update.

Interesting animal cannibalism facts.

Stunning underwater photography of hammerhead shark schools and much more.

Elephant poaching is a huge issue with serious implications for both the elephants and those that protect them. A eulogy for one great elephant.

Conservation of the incredible Babirusa, a pig of the Sulawesi Forest.

The real tragedy of Taiji is our inhumanity toward animals.

Killing Marius the giraffe exposes myths about zoos.

The scientist who took on a leading herbicide manufacturer.

Jaguars are in trouble in the Atlantic forest ecosystem of Brazil. Here's why the loss of big carnivores is a big problem. Can two big predators (wolves and people) coexist in the American West? Red Wolves and people are in conflict in the southeastern United States.

Several species thought extinct were "rediscovered" in 2013.

Did I miss something interesting? Let me know below.

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