Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Roundup: This Week's Wildlife Links (March 21st, 2014)

My recent study about Kingsnakes and Copperheads (which I describe here) is getting some attention in the press, like here, here, here, and here. But, not everybody's convinced: check out what John Jensen thinks about the study here in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Tell him what you think about that below.

Nile Crocodile found in Florida. They've got plenty of tegu company. Move some of them Florida pythons around, and they'll find their way back.

Conservation of Thailand tigers takes dedication and cooperation when they wander into other countries, like Myanmar. Things are presumably safer for them now that one of India's most prolific tiger poachers has died.

Elephants can recognize different human languages and react differently depending on whether those languages are associated with people that have hunted or killed elephants in the past.

In the New York Times: Wolves have been brought back to Yellowstone National Park. Are we blowing their supposed ecological impacts out of proportion? Yes. No.

Moving bears around to hunt them in Romania makes things difficult when you're studying their genetics and natural movement patterns.

What to do when wolves and grizzlies are crossing a Canada road a lot? Close it.

Interesting interaction (on video) between two geckos and a hungry a snake. Is this hippo saving a wildebeest from a crocodile? It sure looks like it.

The search is one for the "loneliest whale in the world".

Ethyl the Grizzly Bear continues to wander around Idaho.

Captive breeding and conservation programs for the Sumatran Rhino are getting desperate. When is incest best? Meanwhile, another has been captured in Borneo-maybe she can help.

It's been too icy for some animals up north. Bad news for fish-eating ducks and dolphins.

We sure know how to treat our rare wildlife here in this country: Michigan cougar killed. Two men prosecuted. Florida men caught cannonballing manatees could face prison. Who killed this radio-collared Washington wolf? This radio-collared wolf from Oregon made the mistake of wandering into Idaho, where it was legally killed. How about these bison killed within Yellowstone National Park?

Ready for some good news? 

Kitten photo proof that ocelots are breeding in South Texas.

Thought to be extinct Harlequin Frog "re-discovered" in Costa Rica.

California bans rodenticides harmful to wildlife.

Did I miss something interesting? Let me know below.


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