Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Readers Write In: Our First Snake ID Challenge of 2014

    One may know that spring has arrived when the Red-winged Blackbirds establish themselves in the cattails of a nearby marsh or when the songs of frogs start echoing through the night as they attempt to attract new partners. Last night was the first time this year I had heard Fowler's Toads and Gray Treefrogs singing in the marsh down the hill.

    But, the real way to know that it's starting to get warm out is that I begin to receive requests to identify snakes...And spring has sprung.

Can you ID this snake for us?  It was big and beautiful.  Photographed in Fort Myers.  


Judith B.
Fort Myers, Florida

    All right readers, it is time for you to emerge from your hibernations and resume your duties in identifying these creatures. What is this Florida snake?

Update: I thought I'd share some of the guesses that appeared on Twitter.

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