Thursday, May 1, 2014

A 9.5 Foot Rattlesnake from Texas? C'mon, You Know Better!

The guy, who is 6 ft tall, is his cousin and working on the
electrical line construction crew when he ran across this snake on location in Carrizo Springs, Texas. His cousin told him that it is at a taxidermy shop somewhere at this time.

Freddy C from Asherton, Tx. is the one taking this 9 1/2 ft. Rattler on the Faith Ranch. was killed "near Laredo" by an "uncle who got it from a student".

Starr County Texas

     Perhaps you've seen the latest picture of a dead (and supposedly giant) rattlesnake. I sure have, four different people have sent it to me. You may notice that the description and the location changed each time I got the picture (although note that there is a Faith Ranch in Carrizo Springs); this is a pretty good way to know that the picture has gone viral and lost some facts along the way. 

    In any case, let's assume that the picture was taken in Texas. The snake is a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, Crotalus atrox, and they are found throughout much of the state. Western Diamondbacks are not a rare species and they are frequently killed by people. 

   Everything checks out so far. But...

   Why would anyone in the world think that this snake is nine and a half feet long? The snake is being held on a long pole towards the camera. That makes the snake look larger than it really is (but you know that already). Furthermore, that the man is standing on the back of a truck enhances the illusion that this is some kind of big snake, but it's not as if the snake hits the ground, it's just hanging in the air.

   A nine and a half foot Western Diamondback would be much larger than the largest Western Diamondback ever documented. Don't believe the hype-this snake is closer to half that size.

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