Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Roundup: The Week's Wildlife Links (September 12th, 2014)

This turtle CPR also got some coverage on The Dodo.

I've been asked for my comment on a few different news/research stories lately. For example, here I am in National Geographic: Do female turtles "talk" to their hatchlings? And again for: Fish and eels team up to go hunting together. Finally, breaking news: About that Boa constrictor that bit a Nicki Minaj back-up dancer...

In cat news:

Mountain Lion spotted carrying away dog in California. In other news, a recent study of leopards in India suggests dogs are the most common prey item. I could use some big cats around my condo.

Already this year, 17 Florida Panthers have been killed on roads. Roads are a big threat to leopards in India, too.

On to Crocs:

First ever documented American Crocodile attack occurs in USA. Attempts to capture and relocate the animal, known as Pancho, result in the animal's death.

It's hard to catch crocodiles in Australia too. Here's one basking on top of a trap, instead of in it.

Why an open season on Australian crocs is not the answer to attacks on people there.

Rare Siamese Crocodiles released (this is an actual species, not conjoined animals).

Florida alligator nabs a pitbull.

Remember that huge Alabama alligator from a few weeks ago? It's officially a record. Here's how they captured and killed it.

To the ocean:

We instituted conservation measures so that sharks could bounce back, some have. Now how do we share the beach?

In other news:

Usually reports of cobras on the loose in the USA are actually harmless native species. Not this time. Update: they caught the albino beast. Second Update: It's not albino.

100 years ago, the Passenger Pigeon went extinct, a fate one of its parasites escaped.

What would a flock of those Passenger Pigeons look like, anyway?

Zoo to destroy native habitat of one species to recreate native habitat of another species.

This solar plant is lighting birds on fire.

There was once a serious plan to introduce hippos to the USA.

You can learn about Wartsnakes here.

Turns out this Australian turtle isn't extinct after all.

It takes a village: 5,000 to be relocated to make way for crane conservation in China.

Why you can't bribe farmers to stop shooting predators.

Has the Endangered Species Act just been hobbled? What are the implications for our rare species?

Rarest animals find refuge on tribal lands.

Alberta caribou habitat is destroyed beyond repair.

Ocasional visitor to California, Oregon wolf has pups.

Awesome Polar Bear pictures.

Can half the planet be set aside for conservation?

Did I miss something interesting? Let me know below.


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