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Friday Roundup: The Week's Wildlife Links (November 28th, 2014)

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    We have a lot of catching up to do.


On the Cottonmouth called Preacher Killer and getting to know the southern practice of religious snake handling.

Why do snakes poop when they're feeling threatened?

Tracking a secretive snake on the prairie.


Wood Bison to be reintroduced to Alaska. And, scientists want them in Montana too (but doesn't everyone?)'s starting to happen.


The Ocelot has a chance in South TexasWisconsin DNR confirms pair of Cougar sightings. There's a Cougar prowling around south Kansas too. Twenty Florida Panthers have been killed on the road this year, breaking the record. Bears are chasing Cougars off their kills, which means they need to spend more time hunting.

Snow Leopards spotted on Mount Everest. Putin's tiger swims to China.

The rise and the fall of the great sabercats.

Cheetahs are running out of run.


A dead bear cub was found in Central Park and that made big news. But Black Bears used to be very common in ManhattanRare Black Bear attack results in a fatality in northern New Jersey (not far from where I grew up, incidentally). Maine voters decide to keep the practice of bear baiting legal

Less ice means less seals for Polar Bears. They're eating Snow Geese now instead. And, they're finding their way into towns more too

But, in Alberta, people can learn to live alongside Grizzlies. Can we live alongside them in Yellowstone? Not with climate change and current government policies. However, government scientists will be exploring whether Grizzlies could be reintroduced to the North Cascades.

The bears of Laos are threatened by the bile business.


A Gray Wolf has been spotted at the Grand Canyon. Confirmed.

Got too many wild horses out west? How about some wolves for that?

Wolves are running through Denmark for the first time in 200 years.

The Ocean:

Obama to create world's largest protected marine reserve in the Pacific Ocean. And, why the "laziest" fish will benefit most.

Bluefin catch a break, no more longlining during their spawning seasons in the Gulf of Mexico. On the other hand, Canada appalls conservationists after the country raises Atlantic Bluefin quota.

Researchers drop dead pigs into the ocean to study ocean scavengers.

Incredible pictures of walrus without ice to rest coming to shore...planes were diverted to avoid spooking them. It is a sign of things to come.

Is the octopus too smart to eat?

A viral shark video on the beach gives a rare look at feeding frenzies. Similarly, epic mullet migration = epic predator free for all.

Shark feeding, managed risk, and the Tredwellian paradigm.

Three reasons why you should have invited a Greenland Shark to Thanksgiving.

Shark researchers catch holy grail of photographs - a seal is not impressed.

A big day for tagging Great Whites in Australia.

Years of marine-fish research down the drain-seals are zeroing in on tagged research animals.

Sensational nonsense about a Whale Shark "attack" gets taken to task by Deep Sea News.

Everything else:

The incredible colors and diversity in our freshwater streams.

The first two hours of a Barnacle Gosling's life include an incredible free fall - a must watch.

America's original razorbacks: the peccary and its ancestors.

The loneliest frog in the world. There is one Rabbs Fringe-limbed Treefrog left.

Delmarva Fox Squirrel may have recovered enough to leave the list of Endangered Species.

Oregon has mapped out the locations of 42,000 roadkills.

An incredible picture of Bolivian Flamingos. And, the BBC wildlife camera trap photo contest winners - my favorite is the Amur Leopard. Here are another series of photos highlighting animals at risk of extinction.

What is a Raccoon Dog and why are they now an invasive species?

Why people used to believe that beavers bit off their own testicles.

On the efforts to eradicate the Brown Anole from Taiwan.

This eel, placed in a Swedish well to keep the water clean, reportedly lived 155 years.

The USA has reduced Indonesia's debt to redirect funds toward protecting wildlife.

America's Pronghorn migration faces human obstacles.

In the wake of California droughts and fires, a turtle's habitat becomes its death trap.

The Quagga - can an extinct animal be bred back into existence? How about mammoths, should we?

Would bring Tasmanian Devils back to mainland Australia (where they went extinct) help control feral cats?

What became of India's corpse-eating turtles?

Vietnam seizes over 1,000 dead sea turtles.

The exotic pet trade is a global evil that must be stopped.

These rare photos of a Javan Rhino might be your last chance to see one.

Pancho, the American Crocodile that bit two swimmers in Florida and was killed while being captured, will not be forgotten.

Watch crocodiles grab bats out of the sky.

Ever hear of the Pygmy Falcon?

Poachers are decimating Ontario's turtles.

Police tell man he can't keep Alligator Snapping Turtle - so heat eats it.

Africa's loneliest monkey: the baboon that got stranded on an island in the Zambezi River.

First Spotted Gar Chicago.

Did I miss something interesting? Let me know below.


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