Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Roundup: The Week's Wildlife Links (December 19th, 2014)

Sometimes people ask me what they can do to help make a difference in wildlife conservation. Opportunities are seldom as direct and important as this one: The North Carolina Herpetological Society took out an emergency loan to help the state buy some critical Bog Turtle habitat. It's a small loan and you can make a big difference in helping them pay it back. Please contribute and spread the word!

Maybe you've seen the following video (viewed over three million times!) of one tortoise "helping" another tortoise that was flipped over:

National Geographic talked to me about it and I'm sorry to say I was a bit of a buzzkill with my interpretation.

The National Review commiserates with a Florida homeowner unable to relocate protected Gopher Tortoises because he thinks they will wreck his house.

The carnivores next door. Europe is showing us all how we can share landscapes with big carnivores.

Protecting native wildlife in New Zealand means killing lots and lots of non-native animals.

Harvesting sea snakes in the Gulf of Thailand is big business. No really, 80 tons are harvested each year.

Biologists' clever way to detect animals they can't find...look for their DNA...

All who wander are not lost: big carnivores need room to roam.

New Jersey's six day bear-hunting season just ended and the final tally is: 267 dead Black Bears.

Killing contests like this should not exist. Period. Animals are not just targets.

An adult cougar was spotted in Kentucky for the first time since the Civil War. It was promptly killed. Most reports are overlooking the fact that a kitten was killed on the road in Kentucky in 1997. DNA tests are underway to figure out where the cat came from.

Northern White Rhino in San Diego zoo dies of old age. And that means there are now only five left.

That was a lot of bad news in a are 12 wins for wildlife in 2014.

Arizona's Bighorn Sheep reintroduction is going so well now they're starting to get eaten by cougars.

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