Friday, January 6, 2017

Readers Write In: On Amphibian Garden Neighbors

Good evening Dr. Steen,

It's been a long while since I have frequented your blog, buwhenever I am in my yard and gardens I think of you. Once upon a time I worked in the herp trade and seem to have done a fair job passing my live for wildlife on to my two daughters. Today I was prepping some of my Central NC yard for fall/winter and ran into a lot of fun stuff (as usual.)

One photo (not a very exciting find) is of a regular who lives under my barbecue but was out in plain sight today. My dog learned a long time ago that said regular tastes bad, and she steers clear these days. 

The second/third photo are of a critter that threw me for a loop. I thought I had a clear idea of what it was, but was very surprised once I'd finally identified it.

I apologize for the cryptic email, but I am selfishly hoping you'll post this as it's something a little different for your detectives to ID. Hopefully everybody is as surprised about #2 as I was for the sake of my ego!

I also have an as of yet unidentified Ranid that lives in my tomatoes that I haven't been able to catch for photos yet. 


Matt M.

North Carolina

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